Depreciation Quick Q & A

Property tax depreciation is a tax deduction that relates to all investment properties you're making some income from this property and the items in this property are wearing out over time and the tax office lets us claim a deduction for that what it means is more cash in your pocket as an investor.

An ato quantity surveyor will help you to maximize these deductions give you some numbers to help your account and get more out of that tax return traditionally a quantity surveyor measures buildings and estimates construction costs so ato quantity surveyors get a hold of plans specifications and information about a building and ato quantity surveyor will measure up how much concrete how much still how many doors how much of everything is in this building.

Ato quantity surveyor

And how much would it cost to build in the current market in the glycation that's being built the ATO recognizes quantity surveyors as one of the few relevant professionals with the skills to estimate construction costs they will accept for the purpose of depreciation property investors often asked why do I need a quantity surveyor the answer is probably depreciation probably depreciation is a claim available to any property investor that can mean plenty of cash flow in your pocket.

Now quantity surveyor normally estimates construction costs of buildings this depreciation claim relates to the construction costs of these buildings the wear and tear of these items within the building and something that your accountant will use is part of your tax return to maximize returns from your property ato quantity surveyor found that about % of investors don't maximize this deduction.

Tax depreciation

Because they don't really understand the benefits the depreciation can bring to them in cash flow this means potentially thousands of dollars are being lost by property investors often people think that all property doesn't get depreciation deductions it still gets the preciation deductions they're often not as much as in your property but they're still there.

So always worth asking the question to find out how much it might be because sometimes it's still thousands of dollars so if you already had an investment property and you're not sure you're getting all these deductions ato quantity surveyor can have a look and make sure you do get all these deductions the tax office allows investors to amend a couple of years of their tax returns very easily.

So you can get some of that money back from the tax office as depreciation specialists we will work alongside your accountant we don't do all the tax return ato quantity surveyor don't also amend those tax returns what we do is work out those depreciation numbers that are provided to the accountant as part of the tax return so ato quantity surveyors 'd be very happy to have a look at your property and help you to maximize the deductions to get the most cash return out of that investment property.



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