Skip Bins Scrapping

I'm Newcastle skip bins got me into well my version it's bit clarity right my stomach's so big so when you can see me fake see your food to go on drive time so Newcastle skip bins come with me I'll let just come along for a road yep throw table.

And all the barbecue is nearly all plastic tubing from the roof or someone you know a lot about days like this hold a great deal Newcastle skip bins is gonna do some scrap some trash picking some dumpster diving I don't know what we're gonna do well I know our journey starts now hey not the best of weather is it.

And as you can see here are the Skip pins all the that's what we call in Newcastle skip bins for the construction and hey I'm gonna have a bit of a squeeze and see here we go but like I said it's not the best of weather anyway okay ideally you really want to come to these places before Newcastle skip bins got the past room but yeah let's see some kept for dearly.

And yeah we'll ever do the squeeze at all of these and show you what I get in the end okay here yeah this place is already been in plastic it's a be the Caliph on their angles and such but not what I'm after hold on to the next one I thought that was real big table it's not empty a little bit of water not much is it yeah.

Basically come here the wrong buddy Tommy one of these places are finished waiting for people to go in all the they passed the plasterboard stage which Newcastle skip bins you want to get in early for the plumbing and electrical before the plastic as in that sort of stuff normally gets dumped in bins before end but anyway we'll keep wandering.

But it doesn't look that bloody good anyway all right hey well Newcastle skip bins didn't find much and a decent grip of copper or did find at George Foreman grill small one with the cord and a little piece of aluminum and a couple of buckets put stuff in so yeah good right do back give you a little bit helps thanks for watching.

I forgot to tell you Newcastle skip bins got a new helper pokey and that just hope dared then hey well the good one and we didn't find much yeah lager see if you got together those spices before the fast was going to get the copper room war yeah a little bit yeah hand grip Tom let's strip it.

And they're called George gold brought George Foreman grill yeah um that's a good does it's a little bit on the pits already trust me and yeah weather was crap obviously but then Newcastle skip bins got my safety boots on and now I'm dirty oh yeah hope you enjoyed that hopefully will there I'll go back there when they put up a few more places so that's something Newcastle skip bins think of it here it mean you suburbs you got don't check it at the dumpsters all right a up kept just later.


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