The different types of automatic garage doors and their characteristics

Within all the security elements of a home, it is necessary to pay special attention to the automatic garage door. Whether in a single-family house, or in a community of neighbors, these devices are essential to facilitate the life of the inhabitants of the property. But to choose the one that best suits your needs, it is necessary to know the different types of automatic garage doors and their characteristics. We tell you.

Types of automatic garage doors

Today, it is possible to find two types of automatic garage doors depending on their opening, automatic garage doors and manual garage doors. In the first case, the automatic garage door is opened by a device, usually a remote control, that sends a signal to the automatic garage door to open. In the second case, the user has to open the automatic garage door manually with a traditional key.

The most used today are the first, because they offer a multitude of advantages over the second, starting with comfort and efficiency when storing or removing the vehicle from the garage.

Automatic garage doors types

Within the automatic garage doors, there are several types depending on their structure and opening process, although all have in common the use of a remote device to open.

Folding automatic garage doors

This type of automatic garage doors open and close at an angle of 90 degrees. They are safe and discreet in their opening mode, so they are widely used in homes of all kinds.

Tilting automatic garage doors

The main difference of this type of automatic garage door with the previous one, is that it folds and opens vertically and towards the outside of the garage. They take more advantage of the space because they do not require an interior area to rest during the opening.

Sliding automatic garage doors

The opening mode of the sliding automatic garage doors is to the side, so they are mainly recommended for entrances to housing developments or places where there is a large enough part of the wall to support the automatic garage door.

Sectional automatic garage doors

These automatic garage doors are formed by sections made of panels that allow mobility up and down without taking up space in the garage. It is a very interesting option for garages of tight meters.

These are the different types of automatic garage doors you can find. Think well about the needs of your home before making a decision, because it is a very important and fundamental element to guarantee the security of the property.

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