Roof Painting: characteristics, price, quote

A roof renovation can sometimes require the installation of a Roof Painting. A real second skin that will considerably lengthen the life of your roof, Roof Painting can really work miracles. Be careful though: roofing paint does not apply at all times, and it is better to choose a suitable paint. Roof Renovation tells you more!

What is Roof Painting?

A special Roof Painting is simply a paint that protects a roof and gives it a facelift. Most of the time it is a semi-thick acrylic paint , which can offer some slight reliefs if desired.

We speak of Roof Painting because it is a paint specially designed to withstand bad weather and strengthen the roof. It is suitable for most tiles and materials (slate, concrete, fiber cement, etc.) and is generally found in various colors.

Of course, you cannot imagine being able to apply a paint other than Roof Painting when it comes to renovating a roof! Unsuitable paint can suffocate the tiles, and can have catastrophic effects on a roof.


Why apply Roof Painting?

Not all homeowners know this, but Roof Painting can really strengthen a worn roof, and thus extend its lifespan by a few years. The benefits of applying a Roof Painting are numerous:

  • Renovated roof, more beautiful
  • Improved waterproofing of the roof
  • Slowing the appearance of mosses
  • Improved resistance of the roof to thermal shock
  • Better resistance of the roof to UV rays

How to apply Roof Painting?

As with all painting work, it is important to work on a clean and prepared support . Yes, just as you cannot repaint a wall full of mold, it is unthinkable to paint a dirty, moss-covered or damaged roof. Thus, painting a roof is only done once the roof has been repaired, cleaned and then treated ( water repellent and fungicide).

To paint a roof , it is necessary to have the appropriate tools, especially in terms of protection (combination and mask). Roofing renovation would be too much to recommend that you go through a professional painter or carpenter for this job, as it can be dangerous, like all roofing sites. Note that you can get up to five Roof Painting quotes free of charge using our form.

Roof Painting price

The Roof Painting represents a real budget. Fortunately, there is no need to repaint a roof every year! In general, the price of Roof Painting is between 10 and 30 € per liter. It will generally be necessary to apply two coats, which of course represents a large amount of paint.

If you have to repaint a roof , we advise you to buy 10-liter pots, which are generally more economical (with a Roof Painting price between 10 and 15 € per liter).

How often to paint a roof?

Roof Renovation needs to be clear that painting a roof is far from being part of the frequent maintenance of a roof! It would be foolish (and very expensive!) To repaint a roof every year or every two years. In general, we recommend above all cleaning, defaming and treating your roof regularly, to preserve its durability.

We will only think about applying a Roof Painting when the roof shows some signs of wear, especially the appearance of white spots or a loss of color of the tiles . It is therefore not recommended to paint a roof less than ten years old.

Note also that not all professionals recommend Roof Painting. As a general rule, always remember to maintain your roof before you want to paint it. If in doubt, we advise you to request roof cleaning quotes from professionals who will guide you.

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