What Should You Do For Fast MOVING COMPANY?

Today's info is going to be about training your movers newcastle I know that there is a bit of a confusion about training your moving company newcastle and how do you train your movers newcastle and what do you train your movers newcastle with and what should you do and I'm going to give you some very helpful tips.

This is not the end-all be-all this is not you know this is not the guaranteed solution and other these are just some ideas that I hope you can implement okay so let's solve let's how do you train your movers newcastle well there's four ways you can train your movers newcastle one you can train your smokers how to do the moves yourself and what I mean by that is going out on the jobs with your movers newcastle and showing them by example and explanation.


How to do the job correctly you know how to lift the couch and tilt it just right going through the door how to use the dolly how to pack the truck um how to drive the trice believe it or not that's a huge one right there driven the truck you think they know how to do it all right good another way you could train your movers newcastle if movers newcastle have somebody that's been experienced and has been trained by you or has been trained by another movers newcastle go and be a trainer and actually train.

These guys how movers newcastle do the moves and actually whip them in moving company shape and get them moving their ass quickly and how to do it fast and efficiently okay that might be a popular way if you don't have the time if you're spending a lot of times trying to do the sales and estimates that's probably a better idea of hiring somebody by giving them a little bit of extra pay hypothetically let's just make that the numbers even if you're paid your regular movers newcastle ten bucks an hour's.


I pathetically you might want to give your train your supervisor guy $ an hour you see where I'm going with that you definitely want to make them give them a little bit more expert expertise and responsibility and you can have them do that way freeing yourself up to go and do what you need to do to actually sell your movers newcastle services on everything that they need to know how to package movers newcastle kind of drive the truck how to use the dollies.

How do you strap how to lift all the things there are all there are plenty of plenty of plenty a movers newcastle training videos professional training videos for movers newcastle how to do packing and loading and so on so forth there are definitely plenty for you to do that up and if you were to do that I would suggest you make the guys watch it at least in front of you at your place don't haven't try to do it on the road because you won't do it but at your place set a dozen at a time you're going to have to Pam.

That's just the way how it's going to be and have a watch at least three times through you want them to watch you have a watcher one from the other three times through three times and then have them take a little bit of a test at the end give them two chances to take the test if they don't pass that test then you either fire and replace them or retrain them or do shut-ins whatever you want me personally

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