What`s It Like Seeing A Psychologist?

We are cloud these new clinical psychologists why do you tell them about what you do people come to me and people like me from range of issues but as common ones would be for depression or when they just feeling generally feeling a bit down.

And they haven't been able to pick up from that feeling but quite some time feeling anxious or worried about things that are on their mind relationship issues or trouble school or work you know a real mix of issues that might come through our door generally speaking they're not feeling the way they would prefer to be feeling or functioning and it's come to a point where it's gone on too long for them.

We sit down and psychologists start to just look at what what's happening with them in their life at the time why then why is it happening particularly to them why now why particularly this point in time so psychologists go through a whole range of you know things looking at what's happening in their life and how things are affecting them.

And then you know towards the conclusion of maybe that first appointment psychologists start to get maybe some key areas or goals that people have highlighted with me and we've highlighted together in series they would like to get some improvement on so psychology is basically talking basically talking I see you know.

We sit down psychologists have a chat often people have a cup of tea or coffee in their head other people feel very nervous about that first appointment particularly if they haven't been to a psychiatrist psychologist before so they will feel a bit apprehensive a bit nervous it's off at the first time they've had to talk about themselves in such detail and that doesn't always build but it's not as scary.

Once they actually me great psychologists mean is it going to be just for things like depression or can it be just general life stuff bullying or family stuff friends everything probably both gave up and it can be anything from having trouble at school with teasing or bullying not feeling confident you know anxieties five years relationship difficulties is one of the most common ones psychologists see across a really wide range yeah.

So boyfriend girlfriend dramas spreadsheet and to be honest our interpersonal relationships are really in my view a really key choice of how psychologists feel we're functioning and feeling in general and I psychologist and a psychiatrist default in that psychologists are actually a medical doctor so they go through doctor trained they are trained around diagnosis of mental illness and psychological conditions yeah.

And they would be trying to look at what would be the most appropriate types of medications that would help with resolving of symptoms depending on the diagnosis although psychologists might do a talk kind of therapy but a lot don't and often maybe the consultation times will be shorter my experience and I'm not talking for everybody here because psychologists don't want to sort of be too general.

But often the consultations might be shorter and have less emphasis on talking through issues and so the more emphasis on Diagnostics getting medication right and monitoring people's response to medication there's a time good place about so that is an option but it's not they are not the first or the only option that in my line of work that's.

And in terms of what psychologists would do with someone is we always know that there is an option in the background but psychologists need to explore you know whether somebody is going to respond much better and maybe more quickly to a talking kind of therapy yeah like cognitive behavioral therapy or just basically sitting down in a chair with someone look at what's going on with you what's happening and what are some of the factors that psychologists can look at to help them.



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