What`s In A Building Inspection?

The building inspection specialist today ordered to carry out a building inspection on this place this place isn't too old it's in good condition by the look of it but there is always things we can find and I'll show you a bit about the things we find later before we get started let me tell you a bit about myself.

I've been in the building game for years now starting off as a carpenter then progressing through to a builder and for the last seven years I've been carrying out building inspections alone during this time I've done thousands of building inspections and it never ceases to amaze me what we do find on different places especially places that look fine from the outside you think everything's okay and suddenly we find a massive fault today we're going to show you a bit about the process of doing a building inspection and things we look for so come take a ride.

And we'll show you how it's done once we enter the building we carry out the inspection in the same way every time I go in a clockwise direction around the house and I'm torching the cornices the skirting the walls the ceiling and all big building members this way building inspection specialist don't miss any defects we find because it's done the same way thousands and thousands of times let me just show you what we actually do I torch along the skirty and he faults there we pick up the same thing we just continue it along.

And go up the internal cornices always going along the cornice line there's any movement at the trusses or pitched roof will show up in the cornice and you'll get a defect there which we further investigate later once we get the roof ride then we go over the wall looking for any defects we continue like this around the whole house and do it in the same direction for the fact that we don't miss any spots at all in the house one of the most common faults building inspection specialist find doing building inspections is leaking showers a shell that can look pretty nice.

Building inspection

No problems at all we find faults with that's where the moisture meter comes in handy it picks up any moisture behind the shower recess or in the wall cavity some showers can look like they're not leaking look fine we discover they're leaking and this big dramas there so that's one thing we do pick up on a lot of houses as you can see in here this shower base looks very good it's all sealed the ceilings in place it looks like it's got fall we always run the share as well to make sure there's fall to the waste so this looks good to me but we never know the true extent until we get behind the wall.

And hit it with a moisture meter now we're in the ensuite I've just discovered a fine crack to the floor tiles you may not be able to see it on the camera but where my finger is a hairline crack all the way along that corner up top as well as and then the internal corner there's another crack this tells me to further investigate and obviously check the other side of the wall for any moisture penetration so what we'll do is get the moisture debris go out there and check it.

And make sure there's no other damage in that area what we've done now is come to the rear of that ensuite shower we've seen the crack tiles there so what we do is further investigate the areas that's what we do with all defects building inspection specialist find out where they are then we further investigate to see how we can fix the problem or how much damage it has caused so what we do here I run my torch along that area closely looking at the areas that affected by those crack tiles.

I can't see any visual damage but they can be hidden by paint straight away so building inspection specialist never take it for granted that it's okay what I do now is run my moisture meter along that area it shows any defects any moisture entering the wall cavity stands out on this thing a freshly painted wall we can't see any defects but this shows up hidden defects on the newly painted wall so let's put the moisture meter along the wall.

And we'll check it out as I'm running the moisture meter along the wall it's shown no high readings at the moment but as we enter the shower area the moisture meter starts to go off that's telling me water 'is penetrating into the wall cavity so this area needs to be fixed and it's not as simple as that sometimes it needs to be fully recutre waterproofed and retail to make that shell good so those two crack tiles can cause thousands of dollars of damage that's why we're here to pick up those faults for you a very common problem.

Building Inspectors

We do find whilst doing inspections is rising damp in masonry walls to the naked eye and especially freshly painted walls you won't see this by using the moisture meter building inspection specialist can tell if there's any moisture and the levels they're at in the masonry walls so let's put the moisture meter on this brick wall and have a look and see how we go I can tell straight away there is some rising damp to the brickwork it isn't too high in this area but as I've got further it is getting very high.

And whether you can see it on camera behind that paint you can see old paint flaking off which is a good indicator there is rising dampness here area and it needs to be fixed major damage like these can cost thousands of dollars so just be aware to get everything checked out properly to the average eye these doors look like they've got a lot of weather damage however not all defects cost a lot of money to fix building inspection specialist pick up the major defects as well as a minor ones while simply removing these doors give them a good sand back a coat of stain or paint.

And they'll be fine for a lot of future years another common thing we find doing inspections is cracking - masonry walls or brickwork for that matter it is very common in most places you find some cracks some are just settlement cracks hair whether others are structural cracks when we find a large structural crack I refer it to an engineer these are very important as it can cost you thousands to repair this issues so cracking two brickwork we detail in full extent take photos of the areas and nominate what procedures do from there on every job we do hi guys I'm back inside.

Pre-purchase building inspections

Now I'll just give a quick rundown on how we carry out a Pre-purchase building inspections what building inspection specialists do is gain access we do a routing boardroom analysis carefully going in a clockwise direction covering all aspects internally of the house we do the floors the walls the ceilings doors windows we cover all areas after these we gain access into the roof point in the roof foil.

We're checking for team amendments insulation size elation any leaks any flashings that are damaged so Pre-purchase building inspection specialist check out all these areas in the roof forward it's very detailed because major problem couldn't happen there once we're out of the roof we go to the exterior of the dwelling on the exterior we're checking the gutters the roof the fascias pergola is all the masonry brickwork pars of lining Pre-purchase building inspection specialists check it all out in detail from there we do the outbuildings when doing the outbuildings we cover an area of meters around the dwelling.

So that includes any sheds garages paddlers freestanding structures they all get inspected we'll check out retainer walls fancy pars so it's very comprehensive after that building inspection specialist do the roof so we're checking out the gutters the roof the roof flashings make sure the fixings arrived the hold downs are okay once we've carried out the full inspection of the dwelling.

And the outbuildings building inspection specialists will give you a fully insured written report with photos of any defects this report we get to you within hours for you to call us and go through all the issues we're happy to take your call and go strong step-by-step if you don't understand so if you need a hand doing inspection please give us a call or look at our website our details are below thanks a lot.


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